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Ammepude Grå 53x45x10cm Meget komfortabel ammepude, til både baby, og de voksne. Produceret i Spanien 100% Bomuld
SKU: 46042
SMALL BED X WOOD UNE FOREST GREY/NATURAL 55X87X74 CM The Cambrass cross-legged cradle is made with beech wood. It enables the baby to sleep in any room of the house during its first months, thanks to the mobility provided by the wheels (with a brake). Other aspects making this cradle particularly functional, in addition to including a mattress and 5 mm wooden support, are: its wooden in white and its bedding which includes the coverlet.
SKU: 47217
QUILTED BASKET UNE ALMA BEIGE 39X80X25 CM The Be quilted basket is suitable for the first months of baby's life, and thanks to its convenient handles, transportation is a cinch. It consists of a wicker base, mattress, blanket, pillow and lining, which can be coordinated with room decor. It has also passed all certifications, ensuring the safety of the baby while protecting its health, as the wicker frame has been treated to remove any small booklice (psocoptera) larvae, which in some cases can be found in palm leaves used in the manufacture of baskets.
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Består af en fletbund, madras,tæppe,pude og foer. Den har naturligvis bestået alle test. Fletrammen er blevet behandlet for at fjerne eventuelle små boglus(psocoptera) larver, som i nogle tilfælde kan kan findes i palmeblade, der bruges til fremstilling af kurve. Fremstillet i Spanien, af Cambrass.
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Cambrass korsbens-vuggestrukturen er lavet af bøgetræ. 55x87x74 cm
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LAYETTE BASKET 22.5X29X29 CM SKY BEIGE The Cambrass padded layette basket, is suitable for holding the baby s toiletry items (cologne, comb, soap& ). It measures 29x22,5 cm. and is 29 cm. in height. The basket includes 4 practical inside pockets for holding the smaller items, keeping them handy. Its presentation in transparent cellophane makes this layette an ideal gift for a newborn baby.